Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi
( An Organization for Non-Formal Private Open & Flexible Education )
An NGO registered with Govt. of Delhi,
NCT Delhi under Indian Trusts Act, 1882
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization
Helpline No.
  • 9430 166 742
  • 9204 314 232

   Secondary Courses offered through our Board

Holding Of Examination :
BHSOE Holds Examination Of Secondary And Sr. Secondary Level.

Eligibility Criteria :
Secondary :
The Candidate Should Have Completed 14 Years Of Age On 1st March Of The Year Of Admission , However This Condition Would Not Be Applicable In Case Of CTP.

Note: The Candidate Would Be Required To Submit One Of The Following Documents As A Proof Of Age :

  • School Leaving Certificate Of Govt./Recognized School Duly Countersigned By The District Education Officer Or Equivalent Rank Of The Area Concerned.

  • Date Of Birth Certificate From Municipal Committee/Registrar Of Birth & Death Along With An Affidavit By The Parents/Guardian In Confirmation Of The Name And Date Of Birth Of The Candidate.

  • In Case Municipal Committee Record Of Date Of Birth Is Not Available And The Candidate Has Never Studied In Any Govt./ Recognised School, Then The Parents/Guardians May Give An Affidavit Confirming The Date Of Birth And Name And Parenthood Of The Candidate, Attested By The Oath Commissioner/ Notary Public.

  • Scheme Of Studies : ( Under Semester System)

    course Subject Offered By HOS Subject To BE Taken
    Secondary (A) Compulsory
    (B) Optional (Any One)
    A) Hindi, English, Mathematics,Science & Social Science
    B) Punjabi, Sanskrit, Home Science,Urdu,

    Scheme Of Examination C.T.P. (Credit Transfer Policy) :
    A Candidate Who Has Appeared In Secondary/Sr. Secondary Examination Of Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi Under The Formal System In 2001 Or Later And Has Not Been Able To Earn The Certificate Qualification But Has Qualified In At Least One Subject, Can Take Admission In HOS Under The Credit Transfer Policy Within A Period Of Three Years From The Year Of Last Exam. HOS Will Accept The Marks Of The Qualified Subject(S) And Such A Candidate Will Have To Qualify Only The Remaining Subjects In Order To Earn The Certificate Of Qualification. For Instance If A Candidate Has Qualified In English And Hindi I.E. Two Subjects, He/She Will Have To Qualify In Three More Subjects In HOS To Earn The Certificate Of Qualification. Candidates Appearing Under This Category Shall Be Allowed To Opt For The Subjects Of Their Choice From The Scheme Of Studies Of HOS.

    Secondary :

    Code Subject No. Of Papers Terminal Examination Duration Of Exam. (Hours) Practical
    Social Science
    Home Science

    Date Of Admission For Examination :
    As Decided By The Chairman Of The Board From Time To Time.

    Change Of Subject :

    A Candidate May Change The Subject(S) Once Offered, If Application Alongwith The Fee Prescribed By The Board From Time To Time Is Received One Month Before The Commencement Of Examination

    Medium :
    The Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi Offers Only Two Languages As Medium I.E. Hindi And English.

    Pass Criteria :

    A.) Secondary :
    Score At Least 33% Marks In Five Compulsory Subjects Hindi, English , Maths, Social Science And Science. Sixth Subject I.E Elective Subjects Non Compulsory (Sanskrit/Punjabi/Urdu/ Home Science)

    Note :
    For Subjects Having Both Theory And Practical Papers, A Candidate Shall Have To Score 33% Marks Both In Theory And Practical Paper Separately.

    Chances :
    A Candidate May Pass The Whole Examination In One Attempt Or In Parts Within A Period Of Three Years, Subject To Maximum Of Five Attempts In All.

    Submission & Attestation Of Admission Form And Fee :
    (A) A Candidate Should Apply For Admission On Prescribed Form Alongwith Prescribed Fee Within The Date Decided By The Board. Incomplete Form Shall Be Rejected And No Correspondence Will Be Entertained In This Regard.
    (B) Authorities For Attestation: The Photograph And Admission Form Should Be Got Attested By The Study Centre Incharge Or By The Principal/Headmaster/Headmistress Of A Recognized Or Government Institution Or By A Gazetted Officer Of Education Department Or A Head Of Department Of Universities In Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi State/Punjab University Or Members And Class-I Officers Of The Board Or Commanding Officers For Military Personnel And Their Dependents.

    Cost Of Prospectus (Includes Admission And Examination Fee) : Rs. 750/-

    Note: I) Late Fee Rs. 100/- Till The Stipulated Date.
    Ii) Late Fee Rs. 300/- Till The Stipulated Date.
    Iii) Late Fee Rs. 1000/- Till The Stipulated Date

    Fee Refund :
    Merely Submitting The Application Form Does Not Guarantee Admission. If The Application Form Is Incomplete Or Candidate Does Not Fulfill The Eligibility Conditions, His/Her Application Shall Be Rejected. In That Case His/Her Admission Form Fee Will Not Be Refunded.

    Additional Subject :
    A Candidate May Offer One Additional Subject, If He/She Wishes To.

    Improvement :
    (A) Partial Improvement :
    i) A Candidate, Who Has Passed An Examination Under HOS And Wants To Improve His/Her Performance In One Or Two Subjects, May Do So, Only In The Next Subsequent Examination. No Other Chance Shall Be Granted To Him/Her For This Purpose.

    ii) A Candidate Who Has Passed Secondary Examination Of This Board Under HOS But Does Not Qualify In One Subject May Appear Again To Improve His/Her Performance In That Subject In The Subsequent Examination Only. In Case He/She Qualifies The Examination, His/Her Result Will Be Declared After Adding The Marks Obtained By Him/Her In That Subject. The Certificate Issued To Him/Her For Qualifying In The Five Subjects Will Be Taken Back And A Fresh Certificate Showing Marks Obtained By Him/Her In All The Six Subjects And The Modified Certificate Will Be Issued. Such Candidates Will Be Treated Under The Category Of Partial Improvement And Will Have To Pay The Fee Prescribed For Appearing In Full Subjects.
    (B) Full Improvement :
    i)A Candidate Who Has Passed The Secondary Or Senior Secondary Examination Of This Board May Appear In That Examination To Improve His/Her Previous Performance Within One Year For Secondary /Senior Secondary, After Having Passed The Examination Provided He/She Has Not Passed Any Next Higher Examination Before Appearing For Improvement Or Is Not Studying In A Higher Class.

    ii)A Candidate Who Submits His/Her Application To Improve His/Her Performance In All The Subjects Will Not Be Allowed To Change His/Her Option For Appearing In One Or Two Subjects. Similarly, A Candidate Who Submits His/Her Application To Appear In One Or Two Subjects Will Not Be Allowed To Change His/Her Performance To Full Subjects.

    iii)If A Candidate Improves His/Her Performance In Full Subjects In The First Chance Itself, He/She Will Not Be Allowed Any Further Chance For Improvement.
    Note : However, Professional Or Technical Courses (Such As D.Ed. Etc.) Shall Not Be Considered As Higher Course Of Study For Purpose Of This Regulation
    Rechecking Of Answer Books :
    A Candidate Shall Be Entitled To Have His/Her Answer Books Re-Checked On Payment Of Fee Of Rs. 200/- Per Answer Book Or As Amended By The Board From Time To Time Subject To The Following :

    i)Re-Checking Form Duly Filled In With Prescribed Fee For Re-Checking Is Received In The Board's Office Within 30 Days Of The Date On Which The Result Is Declared By The Board.

    ii)Re-Checking Will Be Done Only To See If The Marks Awarded To Various Answers Have Been Correctly Added And If All The Answers Have Been Assessed By The Examiner. If No Mistake Is Found, The Candidate Will Be Informed Accordingly.
    Admission On False Representation:
    i)A Candidate Who Is Guilty Of Forging Another Person's Signature On The Admission Form Or Using A Forged Documents For Seeking Admission Shall Be Disqualified By The Secretary From Appearing/Passing Any Examination For A Period Of Two Years.
    ii)If It Is Found That A Candidate Or His/Her Parents Or Guardian Has Deliberately Given A Wrong Date Of Birth In The Admission Form Or In The Affidavit Accompanying The Form, The Secretary Shall Have The Power To Declare The Candidate Ineligible To Appear In The Examination Or In The Event Of The Fact Being Revealed After The Candidate Has Actually Appeared In The Examination To Cancel His/Her Result
    iii)If The False Representation Relates To A Previous Examination Not Actually Passed By The Candidate, He/She Shall Be Disqualified From Appearing In Any Examination Of The Board For A Period Ranging From Three To Five Years As The Secretary May Decide.
    Unfair Means Cases :
    The Examination Regulations Of Punishment For Use Of Unfair Means Under The Formal System Will Be Applicable For The Candidates Of HOS Also.
    Interpretation :
    If Any Question Of Interpretation On Any Provision Of These Regulations Or Any Other Point Specifically Not Covered By These Regulations Arises, The Chairman Will Be Competent To Take The Final Decision.



    BHSOE Delhi is purely a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) motivated by its mission to create a better world through Education. Before taking admission, candidate student must read:

    1. Prospectus
    2. Admission Form
    3. Declaration By The Student

    Student must become fully informed and aware of the status of the Board by reading the above three. Then decide to take admission. Otherwise, do not.

    N.B.: Before undertaking any program of studies in the Board, BOARD OF HIGHER SECONDARY OPEN EDUCATION DELHI strongly advises interested applicants to consult with licensing authorities, professional associations, colleges and universities, and prospective employers to determine with clarity if the study program of this Board will meet their professional and educational requirements.

       Latest news


       Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi is an Autonomous purely Private Non-Formal Open & Flexible Education Organization mainly for drop-outs. It was legally established and created by getting it registered with the Govt. of Delhi through Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (Registration No. 3553, BOOK NO. 4, VOLUME NO. 1570) in the year 2011. This is purely a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) motivated by its mission to create a better world through Education. It is a Non- Govt. funding and Non-Govt. affiliated purely private autonomous organization. Its status and utility of its courses have been sufficiently explained and delineated through its Prospectus, Admission Form, Declaration Form which have been always readily available on its websites i.e. & This is not equivalent to any Central Govt. or State Govt. Board which are very categorically stated in its Prospectus, Admission Form and Declaration Form from its very inception. Now it is up to different organizations to decide whether to accept or deny the certificate for employment purpose as per their norms and regulations.

       The organization presently is no more in operation. It has been closed and wound-up through legal Resolutions taken by the members of the Governing Body dated on 20.01.2019. The Trust keeps its website only for verification purpose for the few students who passed out from this organization.

       Any Govt. registered Society or Trust can offer education for which the organization was primarily and solely created and established for. All the relevant information like organization’s status, the utility of its offered programmes should be sufficiently explained and delineated through its Prospectus, Admission Form, Declaration Form and through its website so that all stake-holders and students can take decision as per their personal, aspirational, professional, employment-related and educational requirements. Board of Higher Secondary Open Education Delhi has maintained this honesty and integrity in this regard.

       Activities of the private education boards are not barred or banned by the Law of the Land. The few such organizations which are running successfully till date are: Council of Secondary Education, Mohali (, Jamia Urdu Aligarh (, Grameen Mukt Vidhyalayi Shiksha Sansthan (, Jharkhand State Open School ( etc.

       Now it is up to the students to decide from where they will pursue their course keeping in mind their personal, aspirational, professional, employment-related and educational requirements. They do have number of options under the sky like Central Govt. / State Govt./ Govt. equivalent boards and also purely autonomous Private Education Boards.